It all hinged.....
Why do we do it?

The rain in Spain

Windows_007I was lead to believe that the Crane's fly to North East Europe from Spain to reach their summer feeding and nesting grounds and witnessing their flight high in the sky is a sure sign of impending spring.

I am not so sure if this is really the case this year. I think it is so darn wet in Southern Europe that they have flown out in desperation!

Windows_010 Last week was dismal and I really mean dismal on the weather front. So may false dawns made me think spring was imminent so I am giving up with the predictions and if I had a piece of seaweed blowing in the wind I would cut it down in disgust and use it as fertiliser on the saturated vegetable area.

Now I have got that off of my chest I am going to confuse you and tell you we had a wonderful springlike and very warm day yesterday!

Maybe, just maybe............................No I won't do it, I'll just be happy with the warmth and leave predictions to NoWindows_008stradamas.

Sunday is hobby day and the girls went off to pony club and I took a leisurely stroll up to the workshop.

I call it hobby day but really I am just doing what I do during the week but as I enjoy it so much I will still refer to it as a hobby.

In time I will make Sunday the day to make make picture frames, mirror frames, tables and cabinets etc.

I now I have my new Dewalt 682K biscuit jointer so I was eager to get on and put the finishing touches to Henry's bedroom window.

Windows_038 My mate Mark, who is also passionate about wood came round too so we had a good chin-wag and discussed the merits of the biscuit jointer as opposed to using a router and we both agreed that for speed and accuracy that the biscuit jointer is better.

I intend to use the jointer to speed up the production process but I cannot help feeling that I am taking a short cut. The purist would argue that the biscuit jointer, like the automatic setting on a camera, takes the skill and professionalism out of your work.

There is nothing better than seeing a well cut Dovetail joint of accurate and tight fitting Mortice and Tenon joint and I think, deep down, that is what I aspire to do.

Windows_012 However, the biscuit jointer is now as accepted in woodworking circles and indeed as a profession as the automatic digital camera is to the photography world so I will harness its potential as much as possible.

Mark and I both wish to carry out woodworking in some capacity for financial gain after we have both completed or at least substantially completed our renovation projects. Mark is also an accomplished wood carver so I think, between the two of us we could turn out quite a few projects that will be saleable at summer markets for locals and tourists alike.

Anyway, that is for the future.

Windows_039 Back to the windows. I must say, working with the African hardwood is a joy and it cuts so clean with very little tear out and with such a tight grain it is extremely stable.

I wanted to use the jointer to insert two glazing bars in the windows but it soon became apparent that the slot from the 100mm blade would be visible in the frame and also the number 20 or even number 10 biscuits which are made of beechwood and very light would be visible.

We procrastinated for a while and then it hit me, the solution was quite simple really. We cut down some of the hardwood with the band saw and made some oversized biscuits just for the job.

Windows_011 When glued into place and cut flush with the frame and rubbed back they would not be visible and so it proved.

The glue goes off in about half an hour so the job only took an hour but we chin wagged for a while and even ate chunk of crusty bread, cheddar cheese (yes it is available in France) and some home made chutney with a cup of Rosie Lea whilst still anchored to the workshop bench.

All in all it was a great leisurely day but it is back to work this week...............making windows!

Windows_014 Mark also gave a me a great little tip. If you own a Kity 2000 or 2600 then you maybe interested in this.
Getting the vacuum hose onto the the outlet on the safety cover is a pain. I also find that because of the flexibility of the hose and the stubby-ness of the metal outlet the hose falls off regularly.

Mark found that the female coupling of a length of underground 100mm waste pipe fits snugly over the top so that the pipe can be extended to where ever you want. This means for me I can keep the aspirator in one place and out of the way now without it getting in the way and not have to wheel it around.Windows_037

Right, I must get on because we have another week let starting this Saturday so I need to work a bit.