ADSL problems

A lone Swallow

We have all heard the saying "one Swallow does not make a summer" but we all know when they start to arrive then summer is sure to follow soon after.

We have had a lone swallow here all week but today I noticed a second and a third arrive. It seems to have coincided with a dramatic change in the weather and we now have warm sunshine and clear skies.

Long may this last.

The broadband has remained off and now we have entered the fourth week. It is a frustration without but we are managing sharing the dial up. Hopefully, fingers crossed there will be some progress.

I have managed to put in a second batch of Garlic now that the soil has dried out in the veg patch. A little later than I would have liked but not too disastrous. It is shop bought so I am interested to see how it fairs against our own produce from last year.

The Poplar trees are going great guns on the drive and in a week or so will be in full leaf. I need to get some more hardwood cuttings this week otherwise the opportunity will be lost.

The barn is at a standstill because I have been helping Mat out with a terrace but by the middle of the week I hope to doing the insulation and then start the plasterboard for the ceiling.

I am sorry that the updates are so few and far between but I promise to get my act together once this telephone line is sorted. We are getting nearly a thousand hits a week now and I do not want to lose this juice which has taken over two years to build.