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ADSL problems

I am delighted that we are now back on line with our ADSL but the whole process of getting assessed and being dealt with has been less than satisfactory.

I admit, my lack of understanding using the telephone helpline is a big part of the problem and if I spoke fluent French this maybe would not have dragged on so long.

But, and it is a big big but!!! Tiscali need to put in place some serious customer care pipeline progress facility.
I must have had to go through the same procedure on forty separate occasions just to tell them that this was an ongoing problem and not new.

They seemed intent on making sure the lights were illuminated on the router/modem when we had already established it was a different event.

We eventually discovered that the settings in the Tiscali software that you install when you receive the modem had changed and it was as a simple as re-inserting the parameters.

At one point, Tiscali told us they had a problem with their equipment and on another they told us it was a fault with France telecom. Blind leading the blind springs to mind.

It has been a huge frustration but now we are hopefully back to a functioning system and we can communicate properly again.

I hope the Teleconnect equipment arrives soon too so that we can benefit from a full Anglo/French package.

BTW, this is not a cop out on my part. It is not that I do not want to communicate in French and I would be happy to stumble along. I feel the help side of Tiscali is poor and I would shun any service that cannot deliver a good service be it English or French.