Hector - Update
Fixing suspended ceilings

It is a busy time

Misc_049 There do not seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment.

Getting up at 6.30 am, picking up emails and checking out visitor stats for our two websites, researching and writing content for my Landscape Juice site, phone calls and general stuff until 11am then I have 4 hours or so of marketing work for the UK company that employs me and I am just about to start a paid blog for them too.

After a late lunch I am into the barn. At present I have just completed attaching about 200 galvanised metal clips which will hold galvanised rails that suspends and holds the plasterboard ceiling. I hope to have the plaster boarding done over the weekend.

Misc_047 Chausson at Monflanquin has lent me a little contraption which elevates the plaster board into place from the ground. It will hopefully mean that I can work on most of it single handed and fingers crossed mean that I can do it quickly.

In the evenings it is watering the veg and pots ( veg consists of onions, garlic, potatoes) and cutting the rapidly growing grass with the Kubota.

Yesterday evening it was a dusk finish but I am not complaining! The weather is fantastic at the moment and it is a real pleasure.

Hector is not really relaxed and follows me around. He will watch my every move which I understand but it is great for me too. We are mates and it was empty without him.

I am hoping that in the next week I am able to reveal details of the project I started last year which is set to make a bit of a splash. I cannot say too much just yet because of the sensitivity of it to the parties involved.

Misc_048 There has also been a lot of activity on our land and the Sunflowers have now been planted for the season. We have opted for Sunflowers all the way round this year so for 4-6 weeks it will be picturesque, just like we used to dream about when we came away on holiday to France.

There are a lot more Swallows now and they are paired up and nest building/renovating. One flew into the house and bumped it's head on the window yesterday. They are taking a long time to get the message that we live here now.

I have also noticed that the leaves have really exploded on the trees since the weekend. Even the oaks are well advanced. I hope the whole summer does not pass this quickly.