Relaxing at the weekend.
A lone Swallow


Plants_002 The weather has not been brilliant recently and it appears that it is not going to be that good this week either.
But a Sunday after noon walk after a filling roast dinner is at its best in the gloom and rain to blow the cobwebs away.

Spring_flowers_013 The hedgerows and woodland  are bustling with flowers from Cowslips and even Perrywinkle (Vinca Major in this case). I can only assume that it was a rogue stem that got away somewhere because I am pretty sure it is not a native wild plant.

Plants_012One of the more extraordinary finds was this Sedum which I found growing in the rocks at the side of the Chemin. Along side of it was a large patch of wild Thyme.

I am wondering if there was a dwelling here some time back in the past? No signs of anything now except a flat area on the side of a small hill set in our bottom field.

Sedum is one of my favourites as it unfurls in the spring. It catches the water which looks like glass as it nestles, enveloped in the leaves. Alchemilla mollis is another one.

Spring_flowers_026 The Dandelion, so bright in flower, yet so symetrical and enchanting is seed!

Spring_flowers_023 The stream in the meadow is flowing fast. Each water droplet rushing to an unknown destination.

25th_march_2005_0012_1 The parasitic plant, Lathraea Clandestine, which I wonder might be the source of the rather delicious fungi in the late summer, is wriggling its way along the banks of the stream.

Grape Hyacinths scatter the meadow below the house.

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