Complete Gardens' and the French Connection
Help find 'Maddy'!

Boo! yes I am still here

I don't think I have left it so long before blogging before (unless of course I have been away etc).

Sorry about that but it has been manic to say the least. I was on standby on the 2nd May as the Complete Gardens software went live, thankfully everything went really smooth as the button was pushed, so to speak.

There were 4 software sales within the first hour which is encouraging but I am not at liberty to say what has been achieved since.

In the meantime, the plaster board is well behind me and I have started the plastering with the Lutece 2000 (pronounced lutess). Yesterday I spent 3 frantic hours in the afternoon trying to stay ahead of the game and apply, work down and clean up without letting the material get to far ahead.

You do really need a labourer I feel when you attempt plastering to wash out the bucket and clean tools etc whilst you are free to feel and manipulate the surface at the critical stages of the curing.

Plasterboard can be a little bit trickier I feel because it is a naturally dry material with little depth so the Lutece goes off faster. On this occasion I have used the board that has a side ready for painting which seems to delay the hardening off of the lutece enough.

The intention was to tape,joint and then paint the surface but Donna and I felt that by plastering will be a more softer and all conquering solution and we can work it into all of the profiles of the beams which we feel will enhance them even more.

One little tip! - We have had a great debate about using masking tape to protect the wood and stop excessive residues building up on the wood as it is sponged down. The only problem is - and this is getting into fine detail - the masking tape act also as a barrier that stops the very fine plaster from wrapping around and flowing into the contours and profiles of the wood eges. When the tap is either removed or cut there is left a definition that seems to separate the two parts.

My own solution to this, and I am sure I have seen it used before - is using a fine haired 2 inch brush which is liberally wetted to smooth and clean the welt and polish the fine particles. It serves two purposes, one to finish the edge nice and the other to clean off the wood beams.

So, in between my new job (I will reveal more later) and the plastering I have much to keep me busy.

I have not paid a huge amount of attention until now to the French elections. Now that Nicholas Sarkosy has been elected have I found time to read about him and his intentions for France.

On the face of it, taking the romance out of the equation, France needed a shake up. There are many people who I have talked to that feel shackled by the system. When a social security payment pays more or less what you could get in a menial job then unemployment is going to be high.
When an employer pays as much to the state for employing someone as he does to the employee then wages are going to be low and the black market economy rife.

The black market produces great liquidity and benefits lifestyle and luxuries but not enterprises who want to invest and prosper. The future will need to be handle correctly but France I belive has come out of its winter of discontent into a brave new world that will embrace reciprocal reward.

I do not want to use the 'capitalism' word too much but the new emerging young people of France are changing. They are becoming materialistic. They are embracing the broader cyber social world that the UK, America and free western countries have done for years.

It is a naturally inquisitive generation, breaking free from their strong social and economic restrictions, that have subconsciously brought about change.

Will it be for the good? Time will only tell. If you are a tourist you will still find the sleepy French village, apparently deserted on a hot summers afternoon but thriving and bustling on market day with coffee being drank and washed down with a small brandy.

The countryside won't change and the delicious food, that is part of the French way, will not either.

  The engine room that powers the slow moving political and economic cogs looks like it will benefit from a major refit with its new iconic, but diminuative Napoleonicesque  leader at the helm.