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By Jove I've got it - I think!

To understand the leaking problem I had to go right into the eye of the storm, so to speak.

Flood_001It has continued to rain very heavily today - hence the extended writing in between the play-off final between Bristol and Shrewsbury and Hannah Montana depending on who won the battle of the remote control - so I thought the best way to try and understand why we are getting water in was to witness it right in the middle of a downpour.

I am pretty sure I have hit on the reason and it is best if you have a look at the video for a detailed explanation.

Mr Janouix reckoned I needed guttering off of the main house but, even though he is the pro, I disagreed. He was right though but not for the reason he suggested. We have the roof off of the large bard which drops a huge amount of water aling a single run of channel tiles and it is my view that this is the reason why it cannot cope.

Flood_007Underneath, the plasterboard runs with the roof which is slope so the water that is getting through runs to the lowest points and collects and hence the wet marks underneath.

I cannot over state how much water we have been deluged with - Its coming to the UK BTW - but I have had to pump out the pool which has risen over 4" in 20 hours.

The Poplar trees which we actually watering yesterday when the heavens broke will need no more water for a long while (as you can see from the picture) and I will have to clear the mud from the track as the fields flood and run over.

Flood_006_3 Flood_002 Flood_004