Is it really near the end of May?
Sculpting with Lutece 2000

Last evening was a real Boar!

I am still pumping with the excitement because of what I witnessed yesterday evening!

I had a fairly long day in terms of marketing and construction so I decided to finish off with some therapy jobs.
By therapy I mean the kind that blokes like to do and one of those is sit on the tractor and cut grass.

It was nice yesterday with temperatures in the 80's so the evening cool is a welcome time, although still in the early twenties and twenty seven in the bedroom when we went to bed!! errrm! stop that!

Well I was in veggie mode as I trundled along on my little Kubota with the rotary whizzing behind striking dead all those that dare stand up!

I consider myself pretty vigilant though and I noticed, up on what I call the prairie a dark silhouettes of what I thought to be a black Labrador. Mr Motor or Francis ans he insists we call him has a black dog so I assumed it had  wandered.

Then, all of a sudden, just as I realised the snout was too long for a dog, another eleven, yes eleven of these black shapes came trotting out onto the newly planted sunflowers.

You guessed it. These were wild Boar  and they were bloomin enormous! I had heard stories about them being big and I had seen them in captivity but at 200 metres they looked like Rhinos to me and boy could they run.

I was caught in two minds. Should I stand and watch and just tell the story or should I call the rest of the family to witness what I was watching?

I decided that they would not believe me so I shouted. I shouted in a fashion that I was convinced, at 200 metres, the boar would continue about their sultry forage in the evening calm oblivious to my passionate screams for attention but yet alert the gang from their pre-occupations.

I was wrong and the boar stopped looked and ran back from where they arrived and I had blown the whole thing! Darn I was annoyed and I know David Attenborough would not have been impressed.

The chances of them returning this evening are very slim but I am charging the batteries of my two cameras as I type and I intend to camp out at dusk just on the off chance.