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Google Advertising and Perigord Vacance

My, have times changed!

Skype_phone I embrace technology on a daily basis and it is really weird how it sits side by side with the 'new life' in France. Actually, it isn't so new any more as we rush up to meet the 3rd anniversary this October.

I am enjoying my job and the freedom it gives me to carry out my tasks and maintain a presence with the building work. With no travel at all I can leave  work and be building within minutes and vice versa.

I have just invested in DORO internet phone and I have to say I am becoming a huge fan of Skype and what it can do. Before it seemed a bit of a chore to put on a headset and really feels so different to holding a real phone in your hand (although hands free is very useful also).

Using Skypeout which enables you to call ordinary mobiles and landlines as opposed to another skype user I am now getting maximum benefit out of the broadband and it has given us the flexibility of that second line as well. For a small fee I have subscribed to a UK phone number using Skypein so people can call me at UK cost.

Setting the VOIP phone took about three minutes and cost 27.00 euros so it is painless as well.

Go on, try it!