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Some late spring wild flowers

What has happened to global warming?

Weather Everywhere you turn these days there is a debate on the effects of global warming and worrying statistics on the lack of rainfall. The experts are leading us to believe that a terrifying chain of events, starting years back with the ozone caused by CFC'c hole and now dangerous levels of carbon dioxide which is heating up the globe.

Australia has just suffered one of the driest summers on record and the UK has just encountered one of if not the most prolonged and warmest on record.

But I need some serious convincing that this is not just a blip on a cycle lasting several years or maybe part of a process that is taking several hundred or thousands of years to complete.

We experienced El Nino last year which reverses weather patterns and so far from what I can see it has gone true to form and is there not just the possibility that things will return to normal in another 1-10 years time?

The global warming thing is scant consolation at the moment after another weekend of strong weaterly winds dumping millions of gallons of rain on the already emerald green countryside here in the Lot et Garonne.

The weather forecast looks grim at least until Thursday (see the picture).

C'est la Vie!