When walls come tumbling down!
Creating a patchwork

Stop, just for a minute and take it in.

Pool_reflections_024 Hi, fancy meeting you here.

I have been sitting here for twenty minutes or so listening to the sunset.
The sunset and nothing is all there is to listen to here in the evenings.

No, that's not quite true. There is something, That something is nature.

Nature can be quite loud if it wants to be. The birds, the wind and the silence.

It is dusk and the weather has decided to take some valium and calm down.  It needs to calm down because its disruptive pattern has thrown a spanner in the works recently.

I hope that we can endure some tranquillity for a few days? If the valium wears off and atmospheric paranoia returns then the thunder and lightening might just vomit is presence back into our space.

Look into this photo of the stillness as it looks back into the Pigeonnaire.

What a fab evening. At least summer has arrived, all be it for a while.