Creating a patchwork
Trugg's Garden

Tasting the good life

Asparagus_001 There are still not enough hours in the day to fill the vegetable patch with all the produce that we wished for this year. So far we have managed Onions (they are coming on a treat), Garlic Tomatoes and Potatoes.

So far the courgettes seedlings that set themselves have not come through so it looks like we will be without fresh courgette this year.

Asparagus_003 One thing that I have been looking forward to is the Asparagus. Until now we have not cut any spears so that the plants could become established.

Yesterday though I could not resist temptation any longer and cut seven spears. Rushed them straight to the kitchen, boiled them for three and a half minutes in a large pan with just a covering of water and a little salt.

I then took them straight from the pan to the plate (I didn't cool in cold water which is recommended by some. It is supposed to seal in the flavour).

I ate them with some smoked mackerel, a little salad and some crusty French bread.