Some late spring wild flowers
Stop, just for a minute and take it in.

When walls come tumbling down!

I really find that this whole project, whilst totally absorbing and interesting takes its toll mentally at times.
I have periods of 'burn out' where I need total rest from building and I need to do something different to re-charge a little bit so that I can re-focus.

I think the problem has stemmed from the change in the plan after Christmas that saw us tear down all the internal walls to re-build the proposed bedrooms as a large 'farmhouse' kitchen.

Don't get me wrong, the decision to go back to the original plan was the right one and it will enhance the property no end and give us greater bang for our buck in investment terms as well.

No, I think it is the rush of adrenalin that is needed when you work alone. Adrenalin helps to create which in turn oozes more adrenalin which leads to creativity. It is self feeding. Lose the adrenalin and you get mundane which might lead to the 'easy option'.

I built a pier out of blocks at the weekend to support a beam where I want to box in some ugly plastic pipes.
Henner's help me build it and because it is only 50cm square I was careful not to build it too high too fast.

The first lift went well and I successfully filled with concrete. The following day (last Sunday) I built the second lift of 1.5 metres but I made the mistake of infilling with concrete too soon.

Pop! out flew the blocks which had not had time to bond properly and I think I used too sloppy a mix and down it all came. Henner's and I despondently cleaned up the mess and stacked the concrete blocks up.
We had lunch and then in the afternoon re-built the pier.

Leaving it overnight. Donna and I started to fill the void again - plop!! it happened again!

Now, you would have thought, after 21 years landscaping that I should have known better? I am certain, if I had been responsible for the work on someone else's property, when time was money and reputation everything that I would not have made such a silly error and certainly not have done so twice.

I am convinced, and this goes back to the first paragraph or two that it is because the mind needs a rest from the building. It is causing a tunnelled approach which ultimately is not a good thing.

It does not help that the weather continues to throw bath loads of water down and because of the poor roof configuration I am getting water coming in on the new plasterwork.

We have spoken to the insurance company to see if we can make a claim.

Do you remember I said I had seen twelve wild boar?

The other evening, as the dusk drew in I was standing by the kitchen window opening a tin of Confit when something caught my eye in Mr Bertrand's field.

The grass has just been cut for hay so it was a very light, almost luminous green so the silhouette of a single boar stood out well.

I grabbed the camera to see if I could get a shot but I was trying to be too clever and it scarpered. Boy can they run.