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Summer is coming..................honest!

Bowood_041 We could all be forgiven for thinking that summer is going to by-pass us this year after such a dreadful June.
I have just returned from the UK after a week playing golf in Cornwall and I must say it was very wet for 75% of the time.

St Mellion, the previous home of the Benson and Hedges International Open, was almost un-playable last Sunday and I am sure, if we had not all paid for it we would have turned round and gone elsewhere.

The course is built on clay and many of the fairways are built into valley's and hollows so the water just runs into the low areas.

It was fun though and nice to get away and have a break from the building and blogging.

Of course, while I was away the Glasgow bombing took place so I feared some disruption on the flight back.
I have to hand it to the management, Police, Security and Staff at Luton airport though for the efficient way in which they handles their affairs in the aftermath of the atrocities.

Whilst security was understandable tight with high armed Police presence I did not feel herded or restricted.
What was apparent to me though was the opportunity for a terrorist to repeat an attack with ease.
So many people walked into the airport, as I did, with large suitcases and milled around in heavily crowded halls, restaurants and shops with their luggage before checking it in. No way in this world can the police search all bags before check in so I would imagine threat and opportunity will always remain.

After checking in and passing through passport control I felt very relaxed that the Easyjet team and airport staff were taking their responsibilities very seriously. I was body searched and everyone was screened properly.

What I did also notice, especially after the recent television program, that the X ray people were extremely vigilant.

Well done Luton and Easyjet.

So, back to the grind!