Sunflowers around the Perigord
Availability for self catering in France for late summer.

Building the Forth Bridge

Plastering_the_barn_005 We are still wading through jobs both big and small and ticking off our imaginary list.

All the of the barn is completed as far as jointing the walls and plastering is concerned. I now have to make three windows and a door but also in the meantime we still have to source the tiles for the floor.

It has not been as wet as the UK and we do seem to be able to string together a week or so of warm clear weather which is interrupted with a couple of gloomy days. These gloomy days bring their fair share of heavy showers and I am delighted to report that my makeshift gutter has worked and we do not get any water in through the tiles now. We are still awaiting Mr Janouix to bring the estimate for re-roofing which the insurance company has agreed to look at but after nearly six weeks we still wait.

One thing to bear in mind when planning work here in France is the time it takes to get some outfits to do anything. It is all well and good laughing about artisans turning up three weeks late to do a job and how laid back and slow the pace of life is but when it comes to running business' it is hard to justify such a lack of customer care.

Plastering_the_barn_007 One job, after one whole year that I have completed is the jointing of the swimming pool paving. It sounds rather lacking on my part to leave it so long but the joints are quite tight so it did not look out of place or unfinished but now it has become one of the jobs crossed off.

It was really warm (29 degrees) last Sunday and I spent it running backwards and forwards between the Motor racing, the British open and the jointing.

Unfortunately, my marketing work for the UK company takes a big chunk out of the middle of the day so it leaves afternoon and evenings for building which drags things out but all in all the progress is pleasing and the feedback from guests staying is very encouraging.