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August 2007

How to make windows

Kitchen_windows_002 It is a good feeling to get back into the groove and feel an appetite to resume the renovations. I seem to go on a big surge and get loads done in a short space and then go into vegetable mode while I build up the enthusiasm for the next rush.

One of the difficult things for both Donna and I is working while people are on holiday. There are two reasons for this. 1. because the last thing we want to do is disturb out guests while they are relaxing. 2. With it being hot (sometimes) and August we feel we should be able to rest a bit too.

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Johnny Onions, Perigord Vacance style

Onions_002Do you remember the allotment ,----2----,----3----,----4----, we had in the field before the building work took over our lives?

This year has not seen the same activity as we concentrated on getting the barn renovated, the extra jobs on the gite and of course the days jobs that have helped pay our way.

Hopefully, next year we will again up production to feed ourselves and also because we enjoy it.

This year we have only planted and harvested Potatoes, Garlic (some bought this year and some planted from last years harvest), Onions and tomatoes - and of course we have the asparagus as well.

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Behind closed doors

Pool_house_007 With guests in the Gite it makes things a little tricky to get any heavy work done. Not that I am really complaining about that because it does give us some time of our own.

My Dad (Bert) and Step Mum Val came with Val's daughter Debbie and Son-in-law Andy so we had a bit of time off then although we still had our on-line jobs to do in the mornings.

One job that I have been meaning to do since the Pool house was finished is put a door on it. Not having any suitable old wood available - which I felt it needed - I was forced to buy softwood from Monflanquin Materials.

It is just cheap old stiff with knots and splits but it is more than adequate for the door and of course, I definitely do not want it to look like it has just been collected from Ikea.

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Somewhere over the Rainbow

It has been hot here for the last two weeks or so. Last Wednesday, after a humid day we had a single rain shower which lasted for about 10 minutes. The sun remained out during the brief squall and with it came the inevitable rainbow.

I don't think you will get the full effect in this photo but the whole of the Pigeonnaire is perfectly framed by a very strong rainbow.

Sun_035 Blow me down the very next evening, the same thing happened.
It must be an omen! I must check the lottery numbers.

Unfortunately, these are low quality photographs but click on it and it will enlarge in a new pane.


Canoeing down the Dordogne River

Sun_013_2 July and August has seen us fully booked here at which we are very pleased about and even September is starting to fill up - dates still available and don't rule out October because it can be a wonderful stable weather month.

We have had a little time off ourselves and had a few trips out. Lots of eating and the odd glass of wine too.

Fleur has gone on a four day trip with her school camping in Sarlat by the Dordogne river and Henry, together with his best mate Glen (who he has grown up with) left for Bordeaux at 7.30am for a flight back to England where he will spend three weeks with Glen, family and friends.

Henner's and Glen have been doing this every summer since we moved which really pleases us because they have remained great friends and whenever they meet it is as though they have never been apart.

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