Nicci, Simon, Joanna and Lee 18th August 2007
Johnny Onions, Perigord Vacance style

Behind closed doors

Pool_house_007 With guests in the Gite it makes things a little tricky to get any heavy work done. Not that I am really complaining about that because it does give us some time of our own.

My Dad (Bert) and Step Mum Val came with Val's daughter Debbie and Son-in-law Andy so we had a bit of time off then although we still had our on-line jobs to do in the mornings.

One job that I have been meaning to do since the Pool house was finished is put a door on it. Not having any suitable old wood available - which I felt it needed - I was forced to buy softwood from Monflanquin Materials.

It is just cheap old stiff with knots and splits but it is more than adequate for the door and of course, I definitely do not want it to look like it has just been collected from Ikea.

Once done it looked to shiny so I used a cement solution to strip the resin from the surface which, coupled with the sun and rain, will make it go silver very quickly and help the ageing process.

We are not sure if we should paint it with the Bordeaux red to keep the house theme or not but at least there is time to contemplate that one.

I am really now of the opinion that rushing decisions is detrimental to the long term success of anything we do here. Nearly all of the plans have changed in some way and a couple of major ones have changed after plan 'A' had been implemented.

Anyway, back to the door - it is now hung and I have included a little ventilation lattice in th face which will help to circulate air around the pool pumps and also looks quite nice too.

I reproduced the style of handle which we have on the cow shed at the back and used an old iron slide bolt for authenticity too.