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Canoeing down the Dordogne River

Sun_013_2 July and August has seen us fully booked here at which we are very pleased about and even September is starting to fill up - dates still available and don't rule out October because it can be a wonderful stable weather month.

We have had a little time off ourselves and had a few trips out. Lots of eating and the odd glass of wine too.

Fleur has gone on a four day trip with her school camping in Sarlat by the Dordogne river and Henry, together with his best mate Glen (who he has grown up with) left for Bordeaux at 7.30am for a flight back to England where he will spend three weeks with Glen, family and friends.

Henner's and Glen have been doing this every summer since we moved which really pleases us because they have remained great friends and whenever they meet it is as though they have never been apart.

Yesterday we took them to the Dordogne river for a three hour canoe trip. Starting of at Le Roque Gageac we sailed under the imposing cliffs overhanging the Dordogne looking up the incredible houses built into the cliff face.

Bear in mind, if you want to canoe that all of the stations take their last orders at about 4pm - working on the basis that you will be canoeing for 2-4 hours). Once you pay your money the company you book with will supply you with a life jacket and paddle and a waterproof plastic container in case, like us, you have a wt=ater fight of capsize.

The trip costs about 10 euros per head with the option to go solo, double triple or as a four with prices varying slightly depending on the option you choose.

You are transported up river to a start point (depending on the length of trip you opt for) and then you just lazily paddle, drift back to the start point. There are plenty of beaches and snack places to stop at so you can either take a leisurely pic nic or eat a hot dog, ice cream and a beer at the side of the river.

Bear in mind it can be quite tiring and there is not a lot of shelter from the sun so wearing a hat, sunglasses for the glare and sun cream, especially for the wee bairns is advisable.

You will not fail to see how clean this gently flowing (don't be caught out though because there are some deep stretches with big rocks, weed and currents) river is and be sure to look out for fish as you sail down. If you are really lucky and have a keen eye you might catch a glimpse of the Kingfisher. We saw two yesterday but there are also ducks and swans too.