Johnny Onions, Perigord Vacance style
Tracey, Kevin, Lauren, Alix & Ria 1st September 2007

How to make windows

Kitchen_windows_002 It is a good feeling to get back into the groove and feel an appetite to resume the renovations. I seem to go on a big surge and get loads done in a short space and then go into vegetable mode while I build up the enthusiasm for the next rush.

One of the difficult things for both Donna and I is working while people are on holiday. There are two reasons for this. 1. because the last thing we want to do is disturb out guests while they are relaxing. 2. With it being hot (sometimes) and August we feel we should be able to rest a bit too.

Kitchen_windows_003 Luckily for us our current guests have said they do not mind us getting on with things. Donna and I marked up and cut the wood into a rough form yesterday and today I prepared it by planing and thicknessing.

The larger window is all but completed today and during this coming week I hope to finish the other two. This will bring us very close to being weatherproof before the onset of winter.Kitchen_windows_004