Last minute holidays in France watching the rugby
September is the best month of the year in France

A Grass Snake takes a dip

Grass_snake_008_2 The Lime tree is starting to shed its leaves and seed pods as the autumn draws that little bit nearer.

Mind you during the day it is difficult to tell that it is the end of the summer and not late spring because the temperature is ranging between 24 and 26 with 26-28 due through the weekend and early part of next week.

Mother nature is certainly making up for dishing us a bum hand during July & August. I really hope this continues until late October. It really helps having a short winter.

Look at the colours in these rose hips. I took this picture yesterday morning on a fruit collecting mission.
The Rosa rugosa is next to a fig tree in the hedge row ( I have no idea why this fig tree should be in the middle of nowhere, perhaps the seed was dropped by a bird years ago?)

Grass_snake_015 The figs are absolutely wonderful. Extremely sweet and very succulent. It seems such a shame that we will not be able to pick them all and that so many will be wasted.

If all goes well next week then we shall try and make some fig chutney.

Grass_snake_038Anyway, I digress slightly because the title of this post is about a Grass Snake taking a dip.

This morning whilst cleaning out the skimmers on the pool I noticed a young Grass Snake in the filter basket.
I am not sure if he slithered in during the night or this morning although I would doubt it this morning becuase of the chill to the air first thing.

I took the little fellow out and stayed with him (or her of course) until he had warmed up enough to slither into the grass.