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Can I use a well in France?

Well_009 Some where down the line between us and Monflanquin, SAUR (Société d'Aménagement Urbain et Rural = Company for Urban and Rural Development) we have been working on the water pipes which means that for the last two days we have been without a water supply.

This isn't in itself a great problem because they turned us off at 9.30 after breakfast and restored the supply just before lunch. The only thing is that they didn't notify us of any works in advance.

I had mixed up a barrow load of mortar this morning to finalise the piers but had not added the water and when I turned on the tap nothing came out.

Luckily for us we have a well. You have a right to use as much water as you like from a well you own and this included unlimited use on vegetables too.

Well_004 would get advice on drinking water (Eau Potable) as you might have to have it tested.
I extracted the water from our well to mix with and clean the tools.

The water looks clear enough but we have Salamanders and frogs swimming about at the bottom and they must have to poo somewhere.

So the piers are built - I didn't need to call Mat (thanks for the suggestion Bert :=0))

Tomorrow I am going to put up the new oak lintels (the existing lintels will stay in place and the new ones will be suspended underneath with the old ones being crepied over).