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September is the best month of the year in France

Grass_snake_012 The month of September is living up to expectations and looks to be set to surpass the previous three.
The temperature today is set to touch 29 degrees and there is not a cloud in the sky. It has been the same all week and last week too with this coming week also set fair.

The Sunflowers have now been harvested so the fields around loom a little bare and Mr Bertrand has even managed a second cut of hay on his fields.





The countryside is also starting to look autumnal and natures fruits are ripening on the trees.
I collected loads of figs from our lone tree and Donna has turned them into fig chutney which we hope to be sampling with some maigret or cold meat in about 2-3 months and maybe just right for Boxing Day.

The windows are in and plastered and soon I will start to build an internal frame out of block to that I can make the external doors. It will be a technical challenge and maybe a challenge too far but I am relishing the opportunity and will give it my best shot.

With the electrics almost complete - except for the light circuit - we are nearly ready to put down the floor (although we still do not have the tiles).

Although we have had some great weather this year I am certain that September is the most consistent month of the year and probably the more pleasant heats with low if not nil humidity.

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