Mathieu Filliette - English speaking builder near Monflanquin

The charge of the light brigade

Kitchen_wall_006 You will have to excuse the quality of this second photo. I didn't adjust the camera settings for the low light levels and just used the point and shoot facility. The result is a rather blurred and dark photo. I will remedy this tomorrow though I promise.

The first photo was after yesterdays work. I only managed an hour or so because the weather was so nice and we decided to go and have a look at a house that is for sale with a friend. In fact a perfect late summers day so there was no real urgency in the morning.

Kitchen_wall_007 Because we didn't have anyone coming in this week our guests decided to extend their holiday by one day but it felt rather empty today and it is never the same when the Pigeonnaire is not lived in.

It would be nice to let it out through the winter so that the lights come on at night. It does look so homely at night with a warm orange glow, peering out of the windows.

The hunting season is well under way and hounds were in full cry yesterday. I am sure that the Chasse is aware of the presence of the boar and are hoping to bag a few before the season ends in February.

We are not as heavily wooded as the Dordogne so the boar are fewer in our area of the Lot et Garonne. A big boar is the ultimate prize for a Chasser.

We were inundated with 4 x 4 vehicles, men wearing orange hats and carrying guns with packs of hunting dogs. At one point it was like the charge of the light brigade as they emerged from the maize in extended line after a final flush.

No boar were seen but I am sure they will continue their persuit until blood is spilt.