An update for Kevin
Last minute holidays in France watching the rugby

Through the square window

Windows_009 It has been a good 7 days Last Friday my mate Mark came round to help me get my head around the electrics in the barn come kitchen to be. The deal is that Mark will help me understand how all the French wiring works and I will do the donkey work and install the wires and the sockets.

We worked out where everything went on Friday morning and set about pulling through the wires into the conduits.

Windows_010 Friday afternoon and Saturday morning I facilitated the boxes and wires in the walls and fixed them in place with the Lutece Rouge.

The next step is to sort out the lighting and fix all the socket covers before wiring into the fuse board.

In the meantime I have had a good run at the windows. Two are now installed in their positions and the third is 30% completed sitting on my workshop bench. The glass is not in as yet but that is a relatively quick job.

Windows_013 I am really pleased that the quality of the windows just gets better and better. I know when I need to retreat and get professional help but I was not going to let the woodwork beat me. Thierry gave me some valuable help in understanding how the machinery works and I think now that I am putting it to the right use.

I intend to make the French doors for the new kitchen which will be the biggest and most technical job to date but I have spent a lot of money on the machinery so I really want to get the best value from it.

Friends networking.

Making friends when you arrive in France is an ideal way to bounce around ideas and help each other. It all helps when you need to get something done or helping someone else to get something done - what goes around comes around they say.