The finest prune oven in France
A huge milestone passed and crossed off the list

Closing in on the doors and a night on the tiles

I had an email today asking why I had not managed an update since the 14th November. I promise that I haven'tKitchen_floor_747385749 been sitting on my bum so here it is, just for Hillary.

I underestimated the time is would take to cut and lay the tiles in the barn and although I took all last week off to concentrate on it I didn't really get moving until Wednesday.

I think that the kitchen will have such character when it is finished. The tiles are clay with a hand finished egde which softens the look.

If the wind is in the right direction I should finish by the end of Sunday of maybe Monday afternoon.

DoorLast Saturday I visited the workshop of Thierry to complete the profiles of the doors and panels that will close in the barn door.

I took loads of photos and just like the plonker I am, I erased them thinking I had already saved a copy to my computer. When will I ever learn?

Anyway, after working with Thierry for about 5 hours on the Saturday (an a hearty French lunch) I glued the fixed panel together back at my workshop on Sunday.

I must say I am chuffed to little meat balls.