The hunter becomes the hunted
We have started to lay the floor

The endless summer

Experiment_011 Evening everyone, I am so sorry not to have posted for ages. It is not that I am not interested in updating the blog but it is more a case of not knowing what to say.

We are in a bit of a vacuum really. I have done all that I can do in the barn but we await two important tasks, both by third parties, to be done before we can really run in for the final leg.

We have ordered some hand finished terracotta tiles for the floor. Three weeks have just passed (we were promised in two) so Donna has called today to be told that they will be delivered tomorrow (8th Nov).

The other is the preparation and creation of the triple panel French doors to fill the old bar entrance.

Experiment_007 Thierry, the carpenter who made the windows and doors for the Gite agreed to work with me to to make the doors so that I could learn a bit of technical stuff and use his tooling to create the profiles (because I do not have any apart from router bits.)

Thierry came about a month ago and we agreed on a design. He collected the African hardwood from Point P for me in his large van and I cut and prepared all of the different pieces that we need.

Problem was, Thierry didn't turn up the following Friday which meant I could not get on.
It turned out that he has shut down his enterprise and taken a job with a furniture maker in Villeneuve until he can build a new workshop (Unfortunately, Thierry has split from his wife, sld the house which had the workshop attached so had no means of working in the short term).

Well, Thierry turned up last Friday and we finished the frame and cut all the contra profiles. Things were going well until the tool caught the extractor housing on the spindle moulder and, with a huge bang, snapped the tool straight off.

We are due to complete the work this Friday at his workshop (he has not moved out just yet) and glue the doors together

Experiment_005In the meantime I have made a few shutters for my neighbour in return for the hay making last spring (and next I hope).

I worked until about 9pm yesterday (after my day job) to finish the second one - and chuffed I was.
Unfortunately, after screwing the diagonal support into place I realise something was wrong.

As you can see from the photo, I had made the 'Z' run the same way so I had to remove it this morning and re do it properly.

Click on the pictures to see the in greater detail.

Experiment_034 Oh and by the way, the title of this post might seem unusual but the summer just goes on and on. It has been a very warm day today without a cloud in the sky after a frosty start
The Californian Poppies are still blooming. I have been reviewing the The Art of Flower and Garden Photography by Clive Nichols for my Landscape Juice blog and have been experimenting with some early morning and late evening shots.