We have started to lay the floor
Closing in on the doors and a night on the tiles

The finest prune oven in France

Prune_oven_004 have something to show you that has really excited me (yes I know is is a sign of ageing and sadness). Donna and I have had a fabulous weekend in the company of Clive and Hillary who were our neighbours and very close friends in Oakhanger.

Clive, together with David and James, helped us move our worldly possessions over to Le Mas back in September 2004 (yes thats over three years now).

We spent some time showing them around and to finish off on the day before dropping them off at Bergerac airport for their flight back to Stanstead we went on a relaxing walk with the dogs before lunch.

I wont talk about Cookie chasing Mr Bertrands chickens although I am pleased to say she did not eat any.

Prune_oven_002 anyway, back to the exciting bit.

There is an estate that is close to us that has several houses attached to it. Unfortunately, the houses have long since been abandoned and the estate is now redundant awaiting finalisation of a wrangle caused by the owner being fleeced out of his fortune by a religious sect (allegedly).

The main house is the one that we walked around 18 months ago but we had not explored all of the smaller houses.

Prune_oven_003 I may be wrong but I think we stumbled upon one of the finest prune ovens that I have seen thus far (if anyone feels that it is something else then give me a shout)

The ceiling of the oven - or dryer, as the heat from the fire, which is in front of the inlet door is drawn in but the fire is not within. There is a chimney in front which takes the smoke away. It may even be a smoking oven for something else and that is where I might need your help.

Have a look at the photos and see what you think.