Closing in on the doors and a night on the tiles
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A huge milestone passed and crossed off the list

Doors_and_steps_001I am really really sorry for the lack of updates - and I do not mean that to sound self important - I know from my daily stats that we have at least 50 hits from new and returning visitors on the blog.

The floor is finally finally finished! In fact it took just one hour on Tuesday morning to cut the last few in. I didn't do any last week because of a visit from my Brother Dan and my sister-in-law Donna although Dan did help me with gluing the doors which was quite a tricky job.

Doors_and_steps_006I have about half a day to finish the large steps which I hope will be done in the morning and then I will plaster the chimney pots (which remain from the previous configuration and will be un-used for the foreseeable future.

We also ordered the double glazed units yesterday which should be here in a week or so which is great timing because this Saturday, Thierry and I are putting in the French doors and matching panel.

I have stood the doors up in this picture to show how they will kind look when they are filling in the old barn door. They still need to be trimmed top and bottom but we didn't want to do this until the floor was finished so that we can get an accurate cut.