A huge milestone passed and crossed off the list
Several steps closer (pun intended)

My other blogging hat

Ljscreen I do love to ramble on a bit and I have always wanted to write. But, I think I had attention deficit disorder at school, my Dad called it the fidgets, and I could not concentrate for long enough. I do not claim to be Shakespeare but I am learning a lot of things that I need to from a blogging perspective. Craig McGinty, who I was introduced to soon after we arrived in France, is such an inspiration and fantastic help. In fact, Craig has been instrumental in my blogging from the day I switched from an expensive website, which was run by a company who were screwing me for as much as they could, to Blogger and then Typepad.
My other blog, Landscape Juice has gone from strength to strength and now has over 600 articles. They range from just rambles and expression to information and landscape and gardening tips. I am now running at nearly 400 hits a day which I am so pleased about. However, I am not just doing this now as a hobby and I hope to extend this to a semi full time basis over the next couple of years. It will be great to earn a decent living from affiliate sales and Google adsense and continue developing Jean Blanc too. I write for an hour or two in the mornings, then do 2-4 hours on my marketing work and then build in the afternoons evenings and it works really well.