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Plaster_stepsA women's work is never done they say. Last week, Donna had a week long business trip to the UK so it was left to me to keep the team on track. Well, I failed miserably! We missed the bus three times out of the five days.

My only excuse was the amount of work I had to put into jointing the floor. It took three and a half solid days to joint and clean the floor and one evening, and I do not jest, I was out in the barn/kitchen at 11.45pm washing tiles off.

All that is now history and the last of the really major jobs is complete. Today, I plastered the steps which will eventually lead into the living room and dining room proper.

For now they just lead into the barn which will still be useful because the freezer is just outside that door.

Delta_court_plasterI am using a different plaster and I must say, after getting used the Lutece 2000, I am not to pleased with the change.

I really do prefer the Lutece, although Delta Court (by Le Farge) gives you slightly longer to work the surface down, because it is so manageable.

Tomorrow, I will complete the large steps which will leave us very close to completion. Unfortunately, Thierry didn't come on Saturday to help install the doors (although everything is ready to go). He has promised sincerely that he will come on Friday. The glass is ready so we shall be weather proof after.

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