Update on the 'non Ikea' kitchen
The end of the tunnel gets nearer

Giving it the MFI look

Island_unit_009Another good afternoon goes by on the island unit for the kitchen and the adrenaline is really flowing again.
I must sound like a real saddo but this kind of thing does excite me.

I have to admit to spending some money on plywood though which has spoilt my intentions of trying to build of the unit with reclaimed wood or something which I already had kicking around.

It seemed sensible to invest in the plywood because it is quick and extremely easy to work with. It also means that I can retain the old wood, plus the unused floorboards for all the visible stuff.

I am looking forward to Friday when I will start on the drawers and cupboard doors.

Island_unit_014The second picture shows the decorative shelf end with hit and miss bars.

The solid oak work surface is resting on the floor. There are three 'planks' which I have created from all of the wood I had sized. It will not be glued and fixed until the carcass is in place.

Island_unit_008Meanwhile, Donna and Fleur cracked on with painting the walls in the new kitchen. We had already bought a can of paint called Cashmere. It looked great on the lid but when applied as a test to the wall was too strong.

We were given a can of Terracotta to try also by our neighbour but that too looked to strong. In the end we opted for mixing the Cashmere with white at a ration of 1:12 which gave a much more subtle and traditional look.

All being well, the painting will be finished tomorrow and certainly by Friday so it just remains for the island carcass to be positioned, the second part of the Godin stove to be put in place