Three burly helpers needed!
Hand made rustic kitchen island unit for sale

Didn't they do well!

Installed_kitchen_001I underestimated my family somewhat!

Having said yesterday that I needed the help of three burly helpers, my family proved me wrong by manhandling our new kitchen island unit into place yesterday afternoon.

I had spent a leisurely Saturday morning painting the unit and Sunday morning rubbing it back to try and achieve an antique type look.

Today ((Monday) I attached the top and glued and clamped the oak surface. However, things came to a standstill when my (hardly used) circular saw would not cut in a straight line and started pinching.

I have asked Thierry if he will come with his circular saw and guide to finish the ends - I do not want to spoil what has been a hugely successful experience thus far by chewing the ends off with a saw that isn't up to the job.

What do you think of the colour?Installed_kitchen_010