Giving it the MFI look
Three burly helpers needed!

The end of the tunnel gets nearer

Kitchen_island_016I know, from the private emails, that a few of you are wondering how I am getting on with the kitchen island unit. Well, I am getting on rather well as the pictures hopefully demonstrate.

I have taken the next few days off of work to concentrate on getting it finished and hopefully, with the wind blowing the right way, I will have it installed in the kitchen by the weekend.

Mind you, we still do not have the sink; Donna went to Agen yesterday and found one in Castorama but it will take two weeks to arrive which is frustrating. How hard is it to get hold of a Belfast sink?

Kitchen_island_003There will still be a few jobs to finish off as well. Once the unit is in place, I intend to make a little up stand that runs through the middle behind the taps. There will be two double sockets the other side of the sink and a plinth on the top.

I have faked the photo slightly because the Oak surface is just rested on the top and the doors you can see are balanced in an upright position.

Kitchen_island_022However, after tomorrow, when I have glued the last two doors (of five) and fitted the hinges I can concentrate on the sexy finishing touches like the beading that will provide a bit of decoration.

Yesterday though, things got a bit frustrating when the belt came off of the circular saw. It took over three hours to dismantle the machine to put the belt back on.

I think that the boffins who design these machines really ought to think about access for maintenance because it is such a tricky business.