The end of the tunnel gets nearer
Didn't they do well!

Three burly helpers needed!

Kitchen_island_042Apart from a final sanding, putting on the cupboard door knobs and catches, the kitchen unit is now complete (Oh and not to mention the surface which I cannot fix and cut to size until we have moved the carcass).

There is no way that we would shift the unit with the solid oak surface on it but I would love to get this installed this weekend so I can start the painting - although, I may give it a coat of undercoat using the spray attachment to the compressor when it is in the open of the yard.

Kitchen_island_036I fitted the hinges yesterday which is a job I dreaded. I have never been able to sink hinges successfully and always seem to have to remove at least one and re-site it. Well, yesterday was no different even though I had cut two rods (gauging and spacing indicators) to assist the location. Anyway, it all came good in the end and I am pleased with the result.

Kitchen_island_040I used an authentic French hinge but I was far from happy with the pseudo antique paint finish so I tossed them all into the BBQ for ten minutes to remove the paint back to bare metal. I am not going to give them any form of treatment and if the hinges rust slightly then so be it. We both like that lived in feeling and the object of this exercise is to make this unit look as though it had been installed in the kitchen for years.