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We have moved in to the new kitchen

Kitchen_007Despite not having a fitted sink in the island unit, we have decided to move into the new kitchen and wow! What a feeling. The whole family, spent all of yesterday, moving furniture and ornaments and setting up the telephone wire and satellite so that we have all the facilities in the new room. It is strange how 70 square metres shrinks when you add two sofas and an armchair as well as my desk, the dining room table
Garlic_004In tandem to installing the kitchen we vacated the little snug room which Fleur now has as a bedroom. I think that I am more chuffed for fleur because she has her own space now than I am to be in the kitchen. Both Henners and Fleur have been so patient in the last three and a half years but now they are to get a bit of freedom to grow up in. I felt so sorry for her last night as time ran out before I could sort out a mattress support. Our good friends, Mark and Jan were due to arrive at 7 pm for supper as we had promised them that they would be the first to dine with us in our new space. It was twenty five to seven and I was still in my work clothes and in need of a good shower. Fleur, who was worn out by the emotion of the day as well as having worked so hard,was beside herself and at one point, whilst slightly understanding, wanted desperately to sleep in her new French bed. Not knowing what to do for the best with so little time, I cut four scaffold boards down to fit the internal length of the bed and rested them directly on the supports and we put here mattress on the top. It was such a simply satisfying moment for all of us to see her so happy that she had a new bedroom. Today (Sunday) Fleur and Donna searched the barn where we are storing all of our bits and pieces since the move from England and decorated the shelves etc to make it homely. I put a few pictures up and Donna helped put all of her little bits right. We have also put up the electric fence ready for Tuesday when our horses come home for the first time and cur the grass which has been growing strongly in the warm spring sunshine. Look at this picture of loads of Garlic that I found growing in the upper paddock (where the horses will be kept). I have no idea why there was so much there - perhaps it was grown commercially on the farm at some stage or perhaps it used to be the vegetable garden. I dug it up and will dry it out - I have no idea if it will be any good to use in cooking because it is a bit early and has not grown to maturity - I will let you know. It is now time to relax with a glass of wine.