Results of the Ebay sale for the kitchen island unit and another addition to the cuisine.
Heads up I'm coming back

English electrician near Bergerac

I have to a big big thank you to Roy Seedwell for helping me out last weekend with finalising the electrics.

I had, with the help of a couple of buddies, worked out how to wire the kitchen plugs and circuits and I had delivered all of the conduits back to the fuse board.

Half of the electrics had been temporarily connected for some time but I has not fixed the conduits onto beams and walls in the cave so all had to be disconnected and then routed and fixed.

All went fairly well last Sunday and I dismantled three temporary plugs that Roy had put in when he first installed the original wiring to the main house and Gite.

However, I had decided that I wanted to have a go and did some research, bought a book on French wiring and sought advice from friends.

We are wired for three phase and when wiring up a new set of 16amp fuses I inadvertently failed to wire in a neutral strap and sent 415 volts, head on around the circuit - The stereo made a funny noise!

I called Roy in desperation because I could not work out what went wrong and tried to talk it through on the phone. Roy was having none of it and, although it was Sunday, came out within the hour to check it out.

Roy soon worked out what was amiss and put it right and explained to me, patiently, what I had done. So, now all is well and we have a full working electrical system for the kitchen.

I wired in a ceiling light last Friday and installed an interrupter for the three way light switch (conduits already in place). Should have the lights up and running by the weekend.

If you are planning electrical work and live around the Bergerac, Monflanquin, Villereal or Castillones areas and need a good sparky then Roy is your man.

Email me with your details and I will pass it on (although Roy will be updating me with his preferred communication method shortly).

Just two extra points. I cannot speak for Roy and I am not suggesting he will come out on a whim on a Sunday normally and he is also very busy most of the time so leave enough time for contact before you need any work done.