Bob the Builder - can he fix it?
English electrician near Bergerac

Results of the Ebay sale for the kitchen island unit and another addition to the cuisine.

Kitchen_unit_007I didn't sell any island units but it was a good exercise never the less, although, this week I did get an enquiry from an Ebay'er who asked me if I would take an offer on it.

I probably didn't go about the marketing properly (mainly because I could not fully understand how to navigate the site in French) Not to worry, at least I do not have to worry about spending a lot of time making another one at the moment.

Kitchen_unit_002I didn't put it on the site but I did actually build a second complimentary kitchen unit about six weeks ago but I ran out of steam after realising I was short of one set of hinges.

Only yesterday, with Henry's help complete the structure and today the top was sealed with Vernis Cuisine & Salle de Bains treatment. I added the door knobs today in Donna and I put it in place.

Kitchen_unit_008However, this could not be done until the immensely heavy hob of the Godin had been transported, with the help of two burly neighbours, from the old kitchen to the new barn kitchen.

We managed that last weekend (after the electrics - which turned into a nightmare - were done).So now, all the chrome and fittings have been re-assembled and now we are really pleased and content.