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Fuel protests start to cripple France

We are just about to head off into Villeneuve to buy a few bits, however, the blockades by French (now Belgian and Spanish) fishermen of the fuel depots is having effects countrywide with fuel running out (or at least being restricted) at the pumps and we are not sure if we can fill up. We are hearing reports of panic buying with French locals taking cans into the garages before the situation escalated and now, unless fuel supplies are allowed to get to the service stations it looks as though France will literally grind to a standstill.
We went out for a pizza last night and tried to put a bit of fuel in at the (expensive) 24 hour garage in Monflanquin. Signs adorned the front saying that it had been switched off so no go there. We will try again but hold out little hope and with less than a quarter of a tank, we will have to stay put until something gives.