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Weather watching on Meteo France

Meteo_france_websiteWatching the weather is a bit of a British trait and for those of us who do not want old habits to die out might be interested in the new weather website from Meteo France. New featured have been added in Java Script that allows the user to hover the cursor over a region and get a pop out summary of what the weather is doing for the day.

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Fishing for Carp near Bergerac

Carp_fishing_near_bergeracI didn't realise that fishing was such a massive pastime until I moved to France but it is. One of the major things that fishermen have going for them is the space and no shortage of lakes and rivers.

Locally to us there are an awful lot of small irrigation reservoirs which are stocked with large Carp which are introduced to help clean the lakes up.

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Chicory found on the our land

Chicory_cichorium_intybusEven after being here for nearly four years there is still something new to discover almost every week. The latest one is a rather attractive light blue flower that grows in abundance in the meadows all around the farm.

The plant is Chicory - Cichorium intybus which as many of you know is used extensively as an additive to coffee,

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