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La Chasse en France

La_chasse_en_franceHunting is hugely popular in rural areas of France and after the 1st September every year you will see men with shotguns and dogs wandering around the countryside looking for rabbits, hare, pigeons, woodcock, pheasants and partridge etc.

Our land here at Jean Blanc has been 'donated' by Mr Bertrand to the Chasse which means the hunters can wander within 150 metres of our house 'popping off' game.

We can apply to the Mairie to make it a Chase free zone but the rules are state we must apply at six months before the five year agreement expires - source Internet French Property Shooting rights in France.

However, I was a bit disappointed because this is Mr Janouix our roofer and this hare was shot just fifty metres from the Gite.

I didn't want to cause a fuss although I was none too happy.