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Waterbury Button Company Conn. US Military

Waterbury US military button

This is bizarre.

I've found two buttons. One I thought was an old bronze button (above right in the above image) and this latest one (left in the above image).

The older button has a pattern on it and I thought it was bronze.

When I unearthed the larger button I seriously thought I'd found a gold coin (I was so excited:) but it turned out to be just a button. A nice button though.

The strange thing is it's a US military button and I'm wondering what a US military button would be doing on my land?

The only explanation I can think of is that I know one of the previous occupants served in the French military and maybe he picked up these buttons on his travels. Why they were in the fields and why one of them was so far from the house, I just cannot say.

Clearly visible on the back are the words 'Waterbury Button Company'.
A quick search took me to the Waterbury button Co website.

Whilst on the site I soon realised that the first button I found (in
my field about 100 metres from my house) is also a US military button made by the Waterbury Button Company. The pattern is a canon ball shell exploding: