Agloco starts rolling

Do you remember that I posted about Agloco the scheme that it claims will make its members money?

Well they finally got the view bar operational and according to my online referral calculator I will receive 156.00 dollars per month when it starts and I am in the top 37% of referrers.

Hmmmm! I will not believe a thing until I see the colour of the money and will let you know if it works.

In the meantime you can check it out for yourself and because the revenue is accumulated from advertising revenues there is nothing to pay out and absolutely NO risk to you what so ever. All you have to do after signing up is get some friends to sign up and surf the net.

Visit the Agloco site here website here

The previous incarnation which was too popular for its own good paid out $100,000,000 before it was forced to fold. The new model, because it has a sustainable advertising payment model backed by the likes of Google will make this work they say.

The highest ranked referrer has over 64 thousand members and it it works will be an instant millionaire!!


thanks to Alex of Podcast Junky for pointing out that I had missed the http:// from the link. Knowing my luck 100,000 people have passed me by:)

Big Cat sighting in France?

Cows_022 I am not suggesting one bit I have seen a black Panther but I have certainly seen a rather large black cat this afternoon and I managed to get a photo before it spotted me and took off into the hedgerow.

I was approx 100m away using the zoom. When I first spotted it it was coming towards me as I rounded a bend. By the time I had pulled into a side track hoping to hide the car and get out with the camera it had passed level and by the time I had got into a position to take the photograph it was heading away from me.

I am slightly on a higher level so I am looking down on it. I wanted to take a video but I was unsure I could flick through the menu and get the film rolling in time so I opted for a photo.

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Google Advertising and Perigord Vacance

Tileswater001 I had a long chat with my Blogging guru Craig McGinty and discussed the style and direction of Perigord Vacance and what its purpose was to us.

We both agreed that I set it up initially, with Craig's valuable help, to promote our holidays lets and also to help, highlight and inspire other intrepid restorers and Francophiles who search for a similar challenge.

I added Google advertising to try and create a small income stream to assist in the upkeep of the site. However, the site started to lose it's identity and sidebars became misplaced as they were shoved aside to make way for advertising banners.

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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Polaris_002 We have a Polaris 280 pool robot which I must say is a wonderful tool and quite fascinating to watch.

We have had it about 10 months and up until last week it has performed as it should - although the blighter wont climb the steps which is irritating because I have to brush them off manually - but last week we noticed that a lot of wind blown soil debris had accumilated in the corners and on the floor which the normal filter cannot deal with.

The tail which blows out a jet of water was 'limp' and not doing as it should. On inspection of the Polaris there a appeared to be a distinct lack of pressure but we noticed it also rose and dropped without a real pattern.

I carried out all of the troubleshooting procedures the manual had  suggested  which included cleaning the in line filter, washing out the bag and re-setting the head float. Inspection of the hoses revealed no holes or leaks and the booster pump seemed to be operating  normally.

I took out the Universal Wall Fitting which connects the hose to the pool wall and back to the pump and looked at the pressure restrictor disk but there was no blockage.

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Real Life Get Together

Reading This French Life this morning Craig highlighted a post from Bob Tovey on Computing in France about actually getting together for a chat about the Internet,blogging and France etc.

Now I am getting itchy hands and I have come out in a cold sweat. I am asking myself if there will be lights on in the bar and if I am able to bring my keyboard because I have lost the use of my vocal chords due to endless days spent at the computer.

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A return ticket to Southampton please

I noticed a story on the Telegraph website this morning about the amount of people who are now commuting to the UK from France and Spain.

"Research by Bergerac Airport, in south-west France, found almost one in five British residents in the region were commuting back to work in the UK."

With regional airports such as Bergerac which is closest to us it is so simple with an hour to Southampton and one hour twenty five minutes to Stansted it is quite simply easier and quicker than driving from the South coast into London.

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