Enjoy learning wood carving in France

Chip carving a cowboyWe can add a little artistic and creative twist to your French holiday by offering you the chance to learn how to carve from wood that you cut from the woodland.

My mate Mark Rogers will come to the pigeonnaire and show you how to carve small wooden caricatures from green and seasoned wood that has been cut from our own woodland.

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Hand made rustic kitchen island unit for sale

hand made kitchen island unitI have now completed the island unit and I must say, out of all of the things we have created here at Jean Blanc, it is one of the major achievements.

When I say that it is complete, I am not quite correct because I have to put a softwood trim around the top and make a modification for a Belfast sink and electrical sockets.

Not everyone would want these mods if they had the same unit in their kitchen.

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